Some of the simplest items in our home can cause great pain. Ovens, stovetops, candles and even kettles can be hazardous. Any item that gives off heat or has a flame, can lead to a burn – a red, painful and sometimes blistering burn.

Prevention is the goal!

Keep candles in a safe location and omit the need for open flame. Use larger candle holders so that the flame is enclosed.  The battery-operated candles offer a very safe alternative.  Be aware in the kitchen and don’t leave pots on the stovetop or in the oven unattended. Use heat resistant oven mitts, use a timer as a reminder, keep the temperatures set low.  For a grease fire, put a lid on the pot or use a fire extinguisher – never use water on a grease fire!

If a burn does occur, apply cool water immediately and continue with cool water until the burning and pain diminishes. Usually takes about 20 to 45 minutes for a burn to subside.

If the burn is from an open flame, you must get to a hospital for treatment.  This type of burn is much more severe and needs medical attention.

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