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Life’s Emergency Training

Specialized Training for Industrial Professionals

Our goal is to provide exceptional WSIB approved First Aid, CPR and AED training with service.


As of June 1st, 2020 we are now APPROVED for Online WSIB Blended Learning check out our online courses.

We have resumed all group in-class training as of July 24, 2020. All courses are run under strict adherence to provincial guidelines to combat the spread COVID-19. View our online courses.


To all our clients, friends and the communities we serve, please take care of yourself and each other. Abide to all the measures enacted by Ontario Public Health, take them serious and to heart. Stay healthy and stay happy!

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Summer had just begun and yet it nearly ended for a Hamilton woman on June 23, 2022. While out for a bike ride on one of Hamilton’s beautiful trails, a German Sheppard broke away from its owner. The dog bit her repeatedly on her lower leg causing

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3 Fact or Fiction of first aid

Summer and school vacation will soon be upon us. The children can’t wait, their parents, well are too. What we can certainly agree on is this, while the kids run around without a care an injury could happen. Thank goodness most injuries are minor. Did your parents