Whether your organization consists of a multi-site workplace, a whole building, or a floor of a building or a small office, you should consider the advantages of having an AED program.

The closer the AED and a trained provider are to the victim, the greater the chance of survival. The implementation of an AED program may be the most cost-effective health investment and employee insurance program available to your organization.

To find out whether your organization could benefit from an AED program, answer the following questions:

1. Are there barriers that would lead to a prolonged response time (more than five minutes)?

“Multiple buildings ” High-rise office towers ” Heavy traffic ” Long distance between EMS station and site ” Large venue ” Restricted areas that would make access difficult

2. Is there a high risk of someone having a cardiac arrest?

“Large number of people: The more people in a given workplace, the more likely the occurrence of sudden cardiac arrest. Estimate about one cardiac arrest for every 100,000 life-years. To calculate the number of life-years, multiply the number of people at the location by their average age. For example, a workplace with 2,000 people and an average age of 40 years (80,000 life-years) can expect at least one incident of sudden cardiac arrest in the workplace each year.stock-philips-case

” Various people are at high risk for sudden cardiac arrest: some people are at higher risk for heart disease – for example, the elderly, people who have high levels of stress, and people who have made risk factors for heart disease such as smoking, lack of physical exercise, and poor eating habits. Remember that any organization with a commitment to employee and client health, motivation, and support from administration can implement an AED program. However, some communities are not set up to support an AED program. The earlier links in the Chain of Survival, particularly an efficient EMS system, should be in place before adding the early defibrillation link through an AED program. Check with your local EMS representative to find out whether your EMS system will be able to support your program. If not, your organization may want to consider initiatives to lobby for improvements to your local EMS system. Automated External Defibrillation – Whose life will YOU need to save?


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