Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has some exciting news. This week they released information regarding cardiac regenerative tissue research. I know that was a mouthful. So here we go and I will break it down.

Through research the Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF) has found a way to get the body to heal itself after a heart attack. When a person suffers a heart attack there heart (cardiac) muscle is deprived of oxygen causing damage which can become permanent if the lack of oxygen goes on for an extended time.

Often heart failure will follow. The heart is unable to function properly due to the heart attack damage and unable to keep up the body’s requirements. Of course with the heart failing you can see how the slew of other body functions would suffer. The quality of life is usually not so great for this person.

So now you can understand why this announcement is so exciting. Really it can be considered life altering for many. Please watch the short YouTube video below to learn more.

Thanks for taking the time to care!


Dr. M. Connelley Cardiologist and Researcher

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