Who knew? Myopia or nearsightedness as most of us call, it is becoming an epidemic around the world. Myopia is not contagious yet it’s spreading like wild fire especially in the 8-13 age range. In Asia some areas are reporting almost 80% rate while North America rate is much less it’s still a staggering 42%.

ophthalmology concept. young boy with phoropter during sight testing or eye examinations in clinic

Doctors believe that some factors contributing maybe studying for extended time or do lots of up close work causes the eyeball to lengthen. There is no cure for myopia and if left untreated it can develop into myopic macular degeneration, retinal detachment and glaucoma. Some treatment options are glasses, contacts or laser surgery but some In Taiwan the schoolchildren must do eye exercises to try and strengthen their eye muscles. North American doctors are trying another solution. A small Singapore study shows a drop of atropine significantly diluted is seeing results of slowing down myopia symptoms by 50%.

It’s not all great new, this treatment has not been approved by Health Canada or the FDA.  And doctors don’t know or understand why the drops are working but the drops are. The Singapore study of 1000 children does shows great promise though. Plans are in place to conduct larger clinical study in Japan and the U.K. in 2016.

Let’s pray that we don’t loss a generation to this eye disease.


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