Women in top management or executive positions are rare.  Statistics Canada reported in 1999 women in senior management and professional finance (both terms undefined) accounted for 3.5% of the workforce (Women in Canada at a Glance, 2012). In 2015, 8.5% of women held executive level jobs in the top 100 companies of the nation. This

The Huff-Post Canada stated, in encouraging terms, that 60% of the 700 TSX listed companies have at least one women on the in executive officer positions; Nearly half of the companies have a woman on the board (Posadzki,2016). The salary gap found in private corporations and small business has prompted the Canadian Government to have publicly traded company’s report how many females are in chief executive and board positions as well as their wages.

Why would you care about this issue? Women represent 67% of the workforce. Women who have executive positions run more productive and efficient businesses. There are more women in the work force from dual income households. Women gaining top positions and wages are good for their families, your government and your country.

Now you are asking, “What has spurred this increase over the past 17 years?” Mentoring, monitoring programs and higher education has changed. Men have predominantly been the mentors of both men and women for years. Now females helping females has taken off in the country and around the world

I was overwhelmed with networking groups and information about mentoring males and females. There are sites upon sites of private companies, non for profit companies and government programs. These programs mentor many women from young girls starting in grade seven to corporate executives helping them reach the top heights of their company. Young girls and women have issues that only other females can relate to; Whether that be social, economic, body image related and resources to get help with math, science or technology.

The bottom line is that mentoring works. Male executives have proven it over the years and now so will female executives. We are a better society when we have diverse workplaces and environments to show all generations to follow what inclusion really means.

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