Part 2… I had a feeling some new revelations would occur since my last article and boy is there more news. Like, did you hear Ryan is a star dancer from the 23rd season of “Dancing with the Stars”. But more about that later because there are still a few questions to be answered like:  

  1. Does he believe his status as an Olympic swimmer and television star will protect him?
  2. Do his lies have anything to do with the hope of not losing endorsements and money?

  We may never know why Ryan created the lie that turned his world upside down. Ryan Lochte may never know why he said what he said. I have discovered there may be some factors in his elite swimmer culture that may have contributed to his “throw caution to the wind” attitude.   I kept reading the term “bro-doms” and finally thought I should make sure I completely understand the term. Am I glad I did, because I was missing a lot of the sub-culture meaning.  Yes, the term does refer to your brother or “bro”, an endearing term for a close friend that started in the 1970’s. describes bro’s as having four main groups: “dudely, jockish, preppy, and stoner-ish. In their description, dudely bros form close and homosocial friendships in a group of bros, jockish bros are defined by ability at team sports tempered by interest in alcohol, preppy bros wear “conservatively casual” clothes as the Abercrombie and Fitch sons of Brooks Brothers men and flaunt “social privilege”, and stoner-ish bros may not get high but speak relaxedly and exude the air of surfers.” (Demby, 2013)   As the news spread of Ryan being charged for filing a false statement by the Brazilian officials the endorsements and the sponsors began to disappear. From what I can learn all but one of Ryan’s sponsors dropped him. Within days of each other sponsors such as, Speedo, Ralph Lauren, Gatorade and Airweave, began to disappear. Four days prior to the Rio controversy Heavy reported Ryan Lochte’s worth is estimated to be in excess of $6.2 million! (Stacey, 2016) After all this he did retain one sponsor, a cough drop by Pine Bros softish throat drops.   I am now lost for words and I’m hoping Ryan Lochte is too. Ryan has reminded you and I to think before acting and what ever the fall out may be we must own our mistakes. I do have a final thought for this athletically talented and privileged man Ryan because of your actions, you bright future now looks like: “Dancing with the Stars” instead of dancing destiny and sucking “softish drops” instead of drinking drops of champagne.   Stay safe my friends.  

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