Today was our city’s first cold alert of the winter. I was surprised we even received a cold alert with the winter we’ve been having. What surprised me even more was the fact that last year the first winter cold alert was January 7, 2015! Really, I’m not kidding.

rescue swiss dog with barrel outside in the winter wonder land

So this is a good time to remember to layer up to hold off the wind chill of -21o C. Also, remember there is a lot that you can do to stay hydrated before you even leave home and that is. Yes hydrated during the winter. You lose water many ways: breathing, sweating and urinating. Try to where breathable materials that help keep you dry. To stay dry take your parka off while you are shopping. Drink several non-caffeine liquids. Caffeine usually makes you void before your body has finished with it. Just do not drink any alcohol while out in the cold weather! Alcohol will make your blood vessels in your cheeks dilate (get bigger) and you will lose heat faster. Although the rescue dog with a keg of alcohol is a good story it is nothing more than a myth.






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