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Definition of Fist Aid: Emergency care or treatment given to an ill or injured person before regular medical aid can be obtained.”  Merriam-Webster

Training is one of those experiences that many of us put off as long as we can and we will never undertake first aid training of our own free will. It only happens when our employer forces us to go or worse because of guilt after an emergency to a loved one.

You know that first aid skills can be the difference between life and death. But did you realize that over 65% of people in cardiac arrest who require CPR collapse in a residence?

Dr. J. Pellegrino released a report at the Heart and Strokes E.C.C. Conference, February 2016 stating a first aid trained person help increase survival rates, recognition of acute injuries and illness and decreases the time to resolution of an injury. First aid training works. Perfect!

So why do so few people get first aid training. Most people say training can be one of two experiences, as boring as watching paint dry or so intense you’re afraid for their life. First aid training is serious yes. However, training does not need to be either of those type of experiences.

Connect with the team of instructors that makes your first aid training inviting and interactive yet realistic. Spend the day practising hands on aid as well as talking through relevant situations. Walk away at the end of the day having the confidence to utilize your skills if an emergency arises but praying you will never need to use them.

“First aid training is recognized as having a positive impact on a firm’s health and safety performance. It can reduce the number of accidents by promoting a greater awareness of hazards and their consequences. Studies have shown that people trained in first aid are injured less frequently and less severely than those who are not trained in first aid.” IHSA

I feel very fortunate to be part of a network of instructors that walk the talk and strive to continuously improve their skills and knowledge. As instructors we always make a great effort to remember instructors should be student too.

“…research shows that people trained in first aid have fewer and less severe accidents, both on and off the job, than untrained people.” WSPS

Thank you for taking the time to care!

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