Is 2017 the year you’d like to venture out and do something new? Do something that can make a difference not only in your life, but in the lives of others? Do something that could potentially save a life?

Our Licenced Authorized Provider (Instructor) Course is for you and the next program starts January 27, 2017.

What’s it all about and who’s it for?
This train-the-trainer program gives you all the training you need to be a first aid trainer. We have trained coaches, parents, referees, caregivers, firefighters, seniors’ support workers, human resources and corporate staff to be able to offer their own first aid training programs.

Why Life’s Emergency Training?
We offer the best training there is! Our training is centered around you – the learner. We use our own LIFES strategy:

                                                                         L – We LISTEN to your needs and goals.

                                                                         I – We INTEGRATE real-life and work scenarios.

                                                                         F – We FACILITATE an “answer your own” question platform.

                                                                        E – We ENCOURAGE and create an environment of enjoyment.

                                                                        S – Our goal is to SURPASS your expectations for this course.


As a Licenced Authorized Provider, you will:
– Gain the flexibility to teach first aid programs.
– Train others on your schedule.
– Enrich the lives of others and your own!
– Earn an income with each instruct.
– Gain skills to become a successful entrepreneur.

What do you receive?
– 20 hours training program
– support teaching your first course
– backing you through the process all year round
– supportive customer service
– and, our LIFES strategy training system

What do past students say?
• The hands on was very effective so that you can really see what should be done and know you can do it!
• Found it very information and enjoyable. Kept me captivated in learning.
• Kathryn is an amazing teacher.
Make 2017 the year to make a difference! Limited Space – Sign up now!

Life’s Emergency Training’s mission is to provide all clients with exceptional

First Aid, CPR and AED training & service. We will always provide practiced and skilled

professionals trained to deliver the client a safe and fulfilling experience.

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