Daylight Savings Time vs Standard Time

Is daylight saving time necessary or just an inconvenience? Should we stop this switch and stay with standard time? Many places like most of Saskatchewan and even Atikokan,ON a small town east of Thunder Bay never changes their clocks. Still many of us do, so I wanted if there were disadvantages to this system. There are a few. The spring ahead and fall back time change is felt by our health, safety and in cost. Some studies show that there is an increase of 7% of having a heart attack for the 3 days following our clocks falling back. We also need to increase our vitamin D. That means s approx. 30 mins of sunlight daily. Switching our clocks back plays havoc with our normal sleep patterns for days after and increases depression and sleep disorders symptoms. Then there’s the safety aspect of the time change. Did you know that there is a 17% increase in fatal crashes and it’s 3 times more likely a pedestrian will be struck after time change? And don’t forget about all the costs associated with time change twice a year; a staggering $400 million or so.

Let’s hear your opinion, should we keep daylight savings time (DST)?


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