Ticks and Lyme disease are on the rise in Canada

Canada has seen a steep rise in reported Lyme disease cases in recent years, and as the planet warms, those numbers

3 Fact or Fiction of first aid

Summer and school vacation will soon be upon us. The children can’t wait, their parents, well are too. What we

Top 5 tips for Naloxone Workplace program

OSHA Changes  In my opinion this is a win, win, win situation. Naloxone is safe and easy to use when assisting

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Changes to COVID Restrictions

  New Covid restriction rules start Feb 17, 2022 in Ontario. As of Thursday, there are no longer limits on

Years of HIV treatment in jeopardy reports Netherlands

Researchers in the Netherlands have discovered a “highly virulent variant” of HIV that causes a more rapid decline in immune

Top 10 ridiculous 911 calls

This is a recent post that highlights abuse of a valuable resource. Police service in the Toronto area has released