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Benefits of Being a Certified First Aid Instructor

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If you are looking for ways to start your own business or work on a side hustle, being a First Aid Instructor is a great way to reach these goals. All First Aid training in Ontario, needs to be approved by WSIB, and what an arduous undertaking that is. Did you know WSIB has not approved a new provider for First Aid Training in almost ten years! BUT if you can tap into existing structures that provide WSIB certified training, all you need to do is find these groups that require training. WSIB also regulates who needs to be trained and how often. You are in control of how much work you do, whether this is a full time job, or extra money to make ends meet or even save for the trip or adventure that just can’t be managed with the present household income.

If you have a passion for teaching, enjoy connecting with others, and want to take control of your future, this article is a must read. How rewarding to know that by teaching First Aid courses, you can actually save a life!

Independent Business:

As an independent business, you control the size of the business and have all the advantages of being an entrepreneur. Life’s Emergency Training has authorized training providers that take this approach, with income varying from mid-six figures, to as low as you need, for those that desire part-time work; such as pension earners, or working parents. This opportunity creates a true life-balance, with the pace dictated by you and your desires for income and hours.

Operating as an independent business, you will need to:

  1. Find your clients, through networking, existing connections or marketing;
  2. Manage your own invoicing process, balancing expenses to income;
  3. Oder supplies to meet training needs and acquire equipment that you need for training
  4. File income taxes as an independent business

Side Hustle:

For those that are looking for extra income, the side hustle can be approached in two ways.

  1. Operate as an independent business as above, but take on the hours you need to meet your targeted supplementary income; OR
  2. Train for others within the Life’s Emergency Training community, for a set amount of pay, operating as a ‘contractor’.

What is a contractor?

Contractor simply means you can benefit from extra income, without the need for the pre-work of finding and booking the training classes. If the approach to extra income is best suited for you, as a contractor your name goes on a list and for those Licensed Authorized Providers that have too many courses at any given time, or facilitating larger classes, you will be provided the opportunity to train and paid an hourly wage.


To become a licensed authorized training provider, you must have:

  1. Valid Standard First Aid certificate
  2. Complete Life’s Emergency Training Instructor Course
  3. Access to a vehicle
  4. Experience or a passion for teaching

Are you ready to step up your game? Does extra income and flexibility for hours help you get to your personal goals? Reach out for more information. Let’s have that 15 minute conversation to determine if these options work for you.

When you step up to offer effective first aid, you can become the difference between someone’s worst day becoming their last day.

You’ve got the first aid part down, and you know you’re equipped to handle just about any emergency.  It’s time to make a difference in a new way!  Level up your knowledge, and expertise and make a difference in your community by becoming a First Aid & CPR Instructor!  Think this might be a good opportunity for you? 

Kathryn Davies

Kathryn Davies

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