A Bit of Trivia:  Where Do The Tibia, The Fibula and the Talus Meet?


If you guessed the ankle, you’re right! The ankle is one of the most weight-bearing joints in our body. The three bones meet, the ligaments hold the bones together and the tendons attach the muscles. So when an ankle injury occurs, it can be painful as it can affect all those areas.


There are 3 types of injuries:

A strain: Brought on by overuse or awkward (unbalanced) use.  Symptom could be inflammation.

A sprain: Damage to the ligament possibly by the joint being forced outside of the range of movement.  Symptom could include pain or swelling, not as severe as a fracture.

A fracture: An actual break in the bone.  Symptoms will include severe and intense pain.

To treat strains, sprains and fractures, use the RICE formula as an easy way to remember and apply treatment:

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