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3 Fact or Fiction of first aid

Summer and school vacation will soon be upon us. The children can’t wait, their parents, well are too. What we can certainly agree on is this, while the kids run around without a care an injury could happen. Thank goodness most injuries are minor. Did your parents teach you first aid treatment fact or fiction? Here are a few tips to make these calamities of life seem a little less dramatic.

Fact or Fiction of First Aid

Fact or Fiction #1

Fiction-Put your head back for a bleeding nose

Fact– Have the person sit down and lean forward. Hold their nose on the soft part, just below the cartilage. Hold it continuously for 5-10 minutes. Don’t put anything up the nose. Do not sniff, blow or pick the nose, this will only disturb the blood clots. If bleeding continues seek medical assistance. If the nosebleed was due to an injury, seek medical attention for a possible head injury.

Fact or Fiction #2

Fiction-Sooth burns with butter

Fact-Only use cool water to cool a burn. Keep cooling with water until the burning sensation stops. This can take up to 45 minutes. If you can’t stay beside running water, use a cloth soaked with cool water (cold compress). Don’t break any blisters that may form. If the blisters do break, watch for infection.

Fact or Fiction #3

Fiction-Use rubbing alcohol, iodine or peroxide to clean a minor wound.

Fact-Ouch that will hurt! Where did our parents learn this? These products are surface cleaners. They cause damage to small blood vessels and skin causing the wound to be open longer and more apt to get an infection. Gently brush any loose debris from the wound then use running water to clean the area. Keep the wound as clean as possible and watch for infection. Children typically have up-to-date immunizations but ensure everyone injured tetanus shot is still within its 10-year life span. If there is a major injury put direct pressure on the wound and call 911 immediately.


Clean a minor wound with clean wawter

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