December 22, 2020 in Blog

Mutated COVID-19


Britain reported a new twist to an already twisted year. The COVID 19/SARS 2 virus has a mutation that was found in London and Southeast Britain.

We all panicked when hearing this news. What would happen to the vaccine’s effectiveness? Vaccines are just being delivered to communities around the world. In fact, Canada is just waiting for the Moderna vaccine to get Health Canada approval.

Don’t Panic

Health experts say this development was expected. They are surprised that it took this long to show up. There have been other mutations that affected Sweden and South Africa earlier this year. As of now the experts say this slight mutation will not affect the vaccines ability to slow or stop the symptoms of COVID 19. Well, they think so anyway. For this reason, the Canadian Government has suspended flights from the United Kingdom for the next 72 hours. To be honest most of the world have also blocked UK flights to allow the British government time to figure out if this new form COVID 19.

Easier transmission

There is a draw back though. This mutated form of COVID 19 seems to be much easier to pass from one person to another. Some scientists believe it may be up to 70% easier to infect someone else. This couldn’t be worse timing, as the world celebrates holidays throughout December. These gatherings will drive super spreader events worldwide. 

Virus’ will do what they do. It is important to remember that most mutations don’t do anything, experts advise.

The World Health Organization (WHO) seems to agree with the British experts. The WHO are watching and do research on this new mutated COVID.


Nothing has changed for the public. Socially distance and when you can’t, wear a mask. Don’t touch your face and wash your hands frequently. If you feel sick, PLEASE stay home and seek medical advice from public health or your doctor.

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