February 9, 2018 in Blog, Education, Safety, Training, Uncategorized

It’s My Passion … because this stuff matters

I guess you could say I live and breathe first aid. It’s been a part of my life for many years and in the past year, I moved to a home where I could have an onsite location for my training.  I don’t expect everyone to be as passionate about first aid as I am but I would like to see everyone have the appropriate knowledge to stay safe and be prepared should a first aid situation arise.

I want everyone to be trained in first aid (of course, I believe I offer darn good learning opportunities) because you could save a life … or at least be able to respond logically rather than react with panic.

So in this blog, I share three of my feature blogs to:

  1. help you be prepared,
  2. keep your children safe, and
  3. take first aid training at your convenience.


Be Prepared

Make sure you have a first aid kit in your home, your car, your cottage, wherever you spend time.  It’s a simple thing but I guess that most people have a box of band aids and that’s about it.  First aid kits are not expensive.  You can buy a pre-made kit or you can put together your own with this checklist.


Keep Your Children Safe

Nowadays, we sometimes need to leave our children home alone for a short period of time.  Life’s Emergency Training recognizes this and offers an online course to teach children how to stay safe during these times.


First Aid Training

As I said, I’d love to see everyone be first aid certified. But it’s not always feasible.  So this online non-certification program will give you enough training and knowledge to handle most situations with ease.



Life’s Emergency Training is more than just my business – it’s my passion.  I love what I do because “this stuff matters”.  Stay safe – be prepared – and most of all, take action!


~ Kathryn