April 26, 2017 in Blog

Step up to the challenge

Looking for a challenge? Thinking that it’s time to learn something new? Ready to make a difference when it really matters?

Life’s Emergency Training is offering our most popular Licensed Authorized Provider (Instructor) Program from May 5-7, 2017.

 “We offer the best training there is!  Our training is centered around you – the learner.  We use our own LIFES strategy.”  Kathryn Davies, Trainer

This program isn’t just about teaching –it’s about confidence and skill.  It’s a train-the-trainer program so that you can deliver your own training.

We have trained coaches, parents, referees, caregivers, firefighters, seniors’ support workers, human resources and corporate staff to be able to offer their own first aid training programs.

 “I took the Licenced Authorized Provider Course with Life’s Emergency Training a year and a half ago.  Upon completion, I felt fully equipped and confident in my abilities to provide a quality course for my participants.  Kathryn is a natural teacher and very approachable.  She has also been a tower of support for me as I created my own business.  I highly recommend taking this course with Life’s Emergency Training.”



First Aid is all about helping and saving lives – that is why our Licensed Authorized Provider (Instructor) Program is based on our LIFES strategy:

 L – We LISTEN to your needs and goals.

I – We INTEGRATE real-life and work scenarios.

F – We FACILITATE an “answer your own” question platform.

E – We ENCOURAGE and create an environment of enjoyment.

S – Our goal is to SURPASS your expectations for this course.

Step up to the challenge – make a difference – open new opportunities  

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