Children are special and when parents look for caregivers they look for a level of professionalism, quality and experience, which are important ingredients in getting the job.


Parents want to ensure that they are leaving their children with a caregiver that will provide a safe environment and can handle situations that can pose a challenge. This comes through knowing that the caregiver has some level of training.


This course will give you a head start in learning the skills needed for providing quality babysitting with the confidence that you are doing all the right things. You will learn to:


  • Get started in babysitting
  • What questions to ask the parents
  • Keep yourself and the children you care for safe
  • What to do in emergencies
  • Care for infants, toddlers and preschoolers by
  • Safely feeding the children
  • Dress the children
  • Games and play activities
  • Safety
  • Basic first aid